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 Many hacks in... 1?

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PostSubject: Many hacks in... 1?   Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:43 am


*There have been reports of getting the "Undefined Hacks" Error after using this Bypass. The error continued to come up while not trying to hack and even after removing both Cheat Engine and Rumble Fighter and reinstalling Rumble Fighter, I will not be held responsible if this happens to you.*

*After messing around in the Cheat Engine folder, I found that opening the file "Kernelmoduleunloader" repairs the "Undefined Hacks" error. This means you can use the bypass, hack and bot away, then close RF and CE, then open this file and play RF like normal with no issues until you open CE again. Some of you may get lucky like I did and once you open the file one time, no matter how many times you open CE you don't get the error until you restart your computer. But if you do get the error again and want to play like normal after hacking, just open the file again.*

*I still won't be held responsible if this fix fails to work for you.*

Part 1 - The Bypass

1. Go to your Cheat Engine folder.
2. Rename "Cheat Engine 5.6.1" (or whatever version it is) to "RUMBLEFIGHTER" so you can tell the difference between the actual rumble fighter client and cheat engine in the cheat engine process.
3.Open Cheat Engine.
4.Go to Edit>Setting>Extra.
5.Click on Read/Write Process Memory and click "Ok".
6.Close Cheat Engine.
7.Start up Rumble Fighter and while it's loading (when the sheep is running), open Cheat Engine (It helps so RF lasts a bit longer before it crashes.)

Note: If any errors popup up, don't touch them, clicking ok will make Rumble Fighter crash.

Part 1 - The Carat Hack

Now attach Cheat Engine to "Rumble Fighter". Click "Memory view". Right anywhere in the top part of the Memory View window . Click "Go to address" and type in "0049BB1B" then click "Ok". Double click the selected line. Change "edx" to "200" then click "ok".

Part 2 - The Carat Hack

Click on any address but right click then hit "Go to address" Put this address in " 0049BB1B " then hit OK.
Then you will see on the right said with "mov [esi+63],edx" Double click mov [esi+63],edx and change edx to 200 and then hit yes.

Now to make sure the carat hack was successful, enter zombie mode and fight or die or do whatever, once it ends, go to "My Info" and check your carats and see if there was a dramatic change by like 300 or more carats. If so, then it was successful.

Note: The hacked carat amount won't show up on the zombie reward screen and I believe the amount of kills you get affects the amount of carats you get over 400 or something like that.

Part 3 - The Scroll Change

1.Equip Cold Blood in Shop. Scan for "2030094". Look for the first address that starts with a zero, freeze it and change it to what ID you want. (Suggested ID's will be listed below) Click "Practice" on Cold Blood then play with whatever scroll you chose or whatever you want then push esc. (You should keep whatever scroll ID you chose when you go into zombie mode as long as you don't do anything else.)


2030072 - Bunny Boss
2030109 - Thunder Boss
2030084 - Dragon Boss (Different Attacks)
2030081 - Dragon Boss
2030069 - Sejul B
2030067 - Sejul (no attacks)
2030054 - Sejul A

Note: I don't know if all of these work, this is just a list of some suggestions that might work so you don't have to go searching for your own ID's, but use your own ID's if you wish.

Part 4 - The Bot

1. Download axife mouse recorder
2. Record the whole process of going into and doing zombie mode.
3. Let it run until Rumble Fighter crashes or d/cs.

Note: You can use this with a speed hack if you have a bypass that allows you to.

Laters gee! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Many hacks in... 1?   Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:06 pm

This carat hack is patched. And the bypass is already posted.


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Many hacks in... 1?
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