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 Rfplayer123's Astro Exploit Group

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PostSubject: Rfplayer123's Astro Exploit Group   Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:49 am

Hey guys. Pretty much all of you probably don't know me, but I am known around atlava, and project-x (not usre if you know of the second one.) So just as the title says, I have made an exploit group. It was originally made at project-x, but I'm bringing it here, since I found this site out on RF . Now, if you think I'm just some kid who is trying to get other people to give him exploits, you're DEAD wrong. I was the one who brought credit report to atlava, I released the proactive exploit to project-x, and I released the "myluvcrush" and addicting ringtones offers to atlava. I left atlava because it had been run down by leechers, noobs, and everyone simply disappeared. That was when I joined project-x. Now, if you want, you can go and look around project-x (you need an account to look through the forums) and you will see many posts by 3 people when it comes to exploiting: CraziAzn, Imaginable, and me, (Rfplayer123). I will post all my requirements here as well, I have not only a group, but a website for the people in it. Here are the people who are in my group, and the spots that are left over:

- Rfplayer123
- Imaginable
- CraziAzn
- Death
- Hetep1
- Blank spot
- Blank spot
- Blank spot
- Blank spot
- Blank spot

To join my exploit group, you must meet all the expectations/requirements I put out. When you want join, you must send me a PM in this form:

Name and Age
Reasons To Join

After you send me a PM in that form, I will reply with an answer to your application. Now, here are the requirements/expectations:

1. You must know the basics of exploiting, if not an advanced version of it.
2. Must be respectful of everyone on project-x and gameville and in the exploit group.
3. Must have at least 20 posts to join, all on subject and not just spam
4. Do NOT by any means take someone else's exploit any call it your own. (Leeching)
5. You must give me an offer that you have exploited (It's okay if its patched) and give me instructions
6. You CANNOT reveal the location of my exploit site, if you do, you will be banned from the exploit group.
7. When you find an exploit, post it in the appropriate section on the exploit spot, then notify me.
8. Make sure anything you post is NOT patched, and has been tested.
9. When someone posts an exploit in the forums, it is their choice to release it in the public or not. But it is my choice when. I am reasonable, I will post exploits frequently, depending on how many exploits we have.

Those are all the requirements I have at the moment. For the Public, all our exploits will NOT by any means be hidden from you. Every week, depending on how many exploits we have, we will release 0-2 exploits in public, and everything we release here will be above 50a. Consider joining while there are still spots left.
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Rfplayer123's Astro Exploit Group
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