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 EXP! (updated)

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PostSubject: EXP! (updated)   Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:53 pm

The Download Is Found Below

[Tutorial] Complete Carat Hacking Guide
Hey Atlava. People still seem to have trouble with this so... I'll make this an all in one guide. From bypassing to botting this guide will have it all.

Part 1: Putting in the bypass

1. Download this Bypass (Updated). RFNoHS

2. In the bypass there are 2 files. A new launcher config along with the bypass. Extract them both to your desktop

3. Open your Rumblefighter Folder.

4. Take out your existing RumbleLauncher config and put in the new one that was given with the bypass.

5. Put in the RFNohs.exe file into your Rumblefighter folder.

6. Rename HackShield to something random like doesntworkshield.

Now your done the bypass.

Part 2: Setting Up Cheat Engine

1. Run Your New Bypassed Rumblefighter.

2. While Rumblefighter is loading with that frog screen open Cheat Engine.

3. Go to Memory View and Press CTRL + G.

4. Type in this Address: 0049B992

5. You'll see a bunch of numbers with ,ecx at the end.

6. Change ,ecx to ,200.

7. Click Enable Speedhack on the original CE window and set it to the following based on your computer's processor for maximum efficiency:

Pentinum 4 = 75.00x Speed
Duo Core = 100.00x Speed
Quad Core = 200.00x Speed
i5 or higher = 300.00x Speed

8. Go to Zombie Mode... Suicide or wait for time to run out and you will gain 500 carats.

Part 3: Making your Zombie Bot

1. Downoad and Open

2. Press F2 on the RF Window.

3. Press Record Macro And Click Mouse Clicks. (While Speedhacking)

4. Go to zombie and suicide.

5. Stop Recording.

6. Add A manual delay based on processor:

Pentium 4 = 2.25 Seconds
Duo Core = 1.5 Seconds
Quad Core = 1.0 Seconds
i5 and higher 0.75 Second

7. Now Press F5 to run and your good.

Part 4: Disconnection Reset

1. Normally people that followed my timing above (exceptions to Pentium 4 apply) will disconnect after 2-5 minutes.

NOTE: After you disconnect don't close anything.

2. After this you go to Task Manager and end the RF Task.

3. You Already have CE and Your Bot open so quickly run RF.

4. Attach CE to RF and then change the values.

5. Then if the bot is still running just press F2 on RF.

6. Run the CE Speed hack and your done.

Thanks for taking your time to read this (trust me typing this took longer). Hope I was helpful =] +REP/Donations are loved.


Credits to Muazam for this awesome site, where pirates sail on lava.
Credits to Jvu0001 for Opcode.
Credits to Asad for making the Atlava Macro Scripter.
Credits to CE Forums for the CE Hacking Tool.
Credits to Chava for Smexy Bypass =]
Credits to you for taking your time to read this and for giving me a reason to post this.

Have Fun Hacking!

Donate/Copy my Fanbar into your signature/REP if you think I deserve it.

Opcodes Updated~

RFNoHSatlava marco inscripter
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PostSubject: Re: EXP! (updated)   Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:50 pm

d^o^b <--- that my friend is a double thumbs up face,just for you
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EXP! (updated)
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