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 Carat and Exp Hack [TUT]

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PostSubject: Carat and Exp Hack [TUT]   Sun May 22, 2011 9:26 pm

First of all you need to bypass hackshield here.

DOWNLOADS : The Carat and EXP hack

CheatEngine 5.5 (So it doesn't leave a trace)

1. Open up Cheatengine!
2. Run rumblefighter (I suggest in windowed mode)
3. Attach Cheatengine to Rumblefighter [process name is RfNoHs.exe]
4. Tick the speedhack to 500
5. Open DevilTweet trainer And ignore the EU unless ur in EU XD
6. Tick on the Carat hack
7. Run Zombie several times~!


Open another DevilTweet Trainer and tick exp hack, sometimes it's glitchy and if it shows ur lvl 98, restart rf

+Rep Me please =3
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Carat and Exp Hack [TUT]
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