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 build up trainer

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PostSubject: build up trainer   Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:21 pm

Build Up Trainer
i have been busy trying to make some hacks for this website
1. Go to my character page
2. Press the code cave button once.(If no errors arise then it is active).
3. Equip random stuff in rumble fighter.
4. Press get Base Address.
5. If successful press restore.
6. Put in the value of the item you want to equip in build up.
7. Press apply
8. Freeze it to prevent it from changing.

ID's I know(Some might not work):

1061739 Kuroko "Male Nimonix" *HP/SP/ARM/STR Full*
1061740 Kuroko "Female Nimonix"-Black
1061744 Red Kuroko Top Male
1061745 Red Kuroko Top Female
1061234 Stardust
1062734 Mrs. Claus' Coat 60hp 2str 2arm
1061877 Female Valentines shirt
1061861 Female Foot Ball shirt-Black&Gold
1061860 Female Foot Ball shirt-Red&White
1061857 Male Foot Ball shirt Red&White
1061858 Male Foot Ball shirt Black&Gold
1061570 Male Independence Tattoo/Shirt
1061571 Female Independence Shirt
1061728 Male Mummy Shirt (Blood)
1061729 Female Mummy Shirt (Blood)
1061710 Male Mummy shirt (regular)
1061711 Female Mummy Shirt (regular)
1061980 Dark Jester shirt
1062035 7 Eleven Male
1062036 7 Eleven Female
1061939 Patrick's PJ Top
1061565 Japan. shirt Female
1061566 Japan. shirt Male
1061936 Ninja kitty Shirt Green
1061945 Senty Productions Staff
1061957 Welcome Back Shirt Male
1061958 Welcome Back Shirt Female
1061961 Taekwondo Korea shirt White Male
1061962 Taekwondo Korea shirt Female
1061969 Taekwondo Korea shirt Black Male
1061970 Taekwondo Korea shirt Black Female
1061987 Rumble Fighter shirt Black
1061988 Rumble Fighter shirt Female Black
1061989 Rumble Fighter shirt White
1061990 Rumble Fighter shirt Female White
1061991 Rumble Fighter shirt Red
1061992 Rumble Fighter shirt Female Red
1061701 Biker shirt Female
1061703 Vampire shirt Male
1061704 Vampire shirt Female
1061749 Pepejero shirt *Hella old,Very rare*
1061781 Pilgrim shirt Black
1061782 Pilgrim shirt Female Black
1061790 OG Planet Staff shirt
1061791 OG Planet Staff shirt Female
1061862 Green and yellow safari shirt Male
1061501 Pilgrim shirt Green
1061503 4 Leaf clover shirt Male
1061504 4 Leaf clover shirt Female
1061524 Guardian armor Male *Event where you had to enchant to +10*
1061525 Guardian armor Female
1061535 Folklore shirt
1061538 Folklore shirt Female
1061292 Enchanted Shirt
1062807 All the Way Jersey Female
1062804 First and Goal Jersey Female
1062806 All the Way Jersey Male
1062803 First and Goal Jersey Male
1062748 Agent Male
1062749 Agent Female
1061295 Scarecrow
1062557 Gem Fighter boss Armor #1-Blue
1062568 Gem Fighter Boss Armor #2-Grey
1062583 Gem Fighter Boss Armor #3-Gold
1061160 Gm Purple Ranger Shirt
1061165 Gm Pink Ranger Shirt
1062235 2 Anniversary Male Blue-Thx to Marshall
1062236 2 Anniversary Male pink-Thx to Marshall
1062237 2 Anniversary Female Blue-Thx to Marshall
1062238 2 Anniversary Female Pink-Thx to Marshall
1062637 Gladiator Shirt

1071741 Kuroko *Nimonix Pants*
1071235 Stardust
1072735 Mrs. Claus Skirt 30sp 2str 1arm 1jmp
1071875 Blue Valentines Pants
1071876 Red Valentines Pants
1071878 Female Valentines Pants
1071730 Mummy Pants (Blood)
1071712 Mummy Pants (Regular)
1071981 Dark Jester Pants
1071875 Blue Heart Pants
1071941 Patrick's PJ Bottoms
1071293 Enchanted Pants
1072750 Agent Male
1072751 Agent Female
1071526 Guardian Pants
1071296 Scarecrow Pants
1072561 Gem fighter Boss Pants #1-Blue
1072574 Gem Fighter Boss Pants #2-Grey
1072589 Gem Fighter Boss Pants #3-Gold
1071161 Gm Purple Ranger Pants
1071166 Gm Pink Ranger Pants
1072640 Gladiator Pants

1081237 Stardust
1081231 Red Great Thief Gloves
1082731 Winter Mittens 3str
1081982 Dark Jester gloves
1081943 Patrick's PJ Gloves
1081162 Gm Ranger Gloves Purple
1081167 Gm Pink Ranger Gloves
1081893 Apprentice Gloves [SP+30 STR+1 SPD+2]
1081895 Biker Gloves [HP+40 STR+2 ARM+1]
1081894 Fist Wraps [STR+2 SPD+1 JMP+1]
1081896 Red Mittens [STR+1 ARM+2 SPD+1]This is a .dll trainer so you will need to inject it. If you don't know how then look at a tutorial on this forum. Also some items might cause rf to crash if you look at the description or in general. Sometimes the item doesn't work in games with people. I set the freeze rate to 1 ms(Millisecond). It increases the chance of working online if you host the room and if you don't change scroll or anything once in the room.

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PostSubject: Re: build up trainer   Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:19 pm

Dude this is Luig's... Seriously is it so hard to say

"made by luig"
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PostSubject: Re: build up trainer   Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:30 pm

I don't think this works anymore anywayz... -.-
Correct me if I'm wrong...



[/size] afro
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PostSubject: Re: build up trainer   

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build up trainer
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